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Here at Wild Adventurers, we are a mix of an indoor setting and a Forest School. We run Forest School sessions in the morning, which are held in the prestigious grounds of Astley Park in our designated area. Forest School is suitable for children of all ages and we accept students from 9 months. It has many benefits and gives children a chance to grow with a sense of awe and freedom as part of their everyday lives. In the afternoon, we have a more traditional nursery setting with indoor learning and adult-led activities. Together we feel that this helps connect children back to nature and builds resilience, confidence, independence and self-motivation.

Our Ethos is to provide a child led approach which gives children the power to initiate and drive their own learning, to make meaningful choices and to discover and develop their interests. Through regular outdoor play, our children learn to develop positive relationships with themselves and others as well as a bond with nature and an understanding of their place in the natural world.

We are open 38 weeks of the year and are open from 8am to 4pm, In the holiday periods we run holiday camps in which places are offered as a priority to current and ex students in the nursery and then allocated on a first come first serve basis to any others interested.



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