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Writing with sticks in the snow

Writing with sticks in the snow

It was a snowy day today! We used that opportunity to expand our children’s experience through writing and painting in the snow. Kids loved this play-based activity and I really enjoyed watching them having fun and being creative.

Later on today, I read this article about Ofsted’s focus on the academic side of education rather than a child led, play-centered approach.

Here at Wild Adventurers we absolutely believe in the power of child-led play, and children having the freedom to explore and create their own play, greatly outweighs sitting down and doing something someone has printed off a teaching website.

What do you think about the article? Should we be doing Phase 2 phonics in the nursery? Should we be teaching specific academic things, rather than focusing on the whole child and their characteristics of effective learning?

I definitely know where I stand!


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