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Top 5 Gift Ideas for Teachers at Christmas

Top 5 Gift Ideas for Teachers at Christmas

At this hectic time of the year, we have complied a list of TOP 5 Presents for Teachers to ease the decision making process and stress of picking a present for your child’s amazing teacher.

We have 4 Early Years Teachers at our setting. Kylie and Dani have been primary school teachers millions of years, and Debbie was an FE teacher in her previous life. So we’ve got the inside scoop on this year’s present ideas.

  1. Alcohol – always a safe bet. I’m going to say that most teachers are drinkers! If you can be bold and ask the teacher what they drink, then you’re safe, or you can see if other parents on the playground know the teacher’s drinking choices. Generally wine is a safe bet. Even if they’re not wine drinkers, they’ll be going to a Christmas event where they can take your bottle to share with the hosts. 
  2. Personalised Gifts – these are always the most sentimental. A parent that takes the time to order you a personalised gift online is someone who appreciates what you do for their child. Nice personalised gift ideas are: tote bags; mugs; baubles for the Christmas tree; and pens. There are lots of websites where personalised items are not expensive ( ) 
  3. Candles – These come in all different sizes, smells and price ranges. A great idea for these cold, long, winter nights. A nice smelling candle is always a welcome gift. They range in cost to suit any budget.
  4. Plants – Small window sill plants are a beautiful and bright addition to any home. I still have plants given to me from my students from years ago. Something low maintenance and hard to kill would be best! 
  5. Geek/Nerd/Specialist Subject present – Last year for Christmas Debbie gave me a flint, thermos mug, thermal beanie. All things to use in the forest. I loved the flint! I started mini fires all Christmas day! Specialist subject presents are meaningful as well as useful for the teacher. Specialist teachers love their chosen subjects, so obviously they’re going to love specialist geek presents that match their subject knowledge.

Ok, so that’s our Top 5 Teacher Present Ideas for 2018. 
Obviously teacher’s don’t expect presents. We certainly don’t. Don’t feel the pressure to buy anything if you don’t want to, or can’t afford the luxury. 
This list was just an idea from some teachers to help you decide if you wish you buy something.

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